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Start your journey to e-commerce dominance and transform your store into a stunning, high-performance Shopify sales machine.

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Want a stunning online store that’s a breeze to run? Shopify's ease of use, stunning design options, powerful marketing tools, and rock-solid security make it the perfect platform to launch or elevate your e-commerce business.

With over 6 years of experience, our expert team will handle all the setups and customizations, so you can focus on building your brand and growing sales. Let's start your Coffeehouse x Shopify experience!

Our offers

We've got pricing options to fuel your growth, whether you're a scrappy startup or a scaling powerhouse store.

Shopify starter

Exclusively offered to first-time store owners.
Complete shop delivery in 2 weeks.


E-Commerce Design Formulas

Up to 25 Products

Up to 10 Collections

Up to 5 Dynamic Sources

One-Time Payment

Product Listing Included

Most Wanted

shopify essential

A premium A-Z pack for high performing stores.
Complete shop delivery in 4 weeks.


E-Commerce Design Formulas

Up to 250 Products

Up to 25 Collections

Up to 10 Dynamic Sources

Dual Payment Plan

1-On-1 Marketing Strategy Assistance

Shopify plus

Our signature, custom store-building experience.
Complete shop delivery in 6 weeks.


Custom Website Design

Up to 1000 Products

Up to 50 Collections

Up to 20 Dynamic Sources

Dual Payment Plan

Up to 3 Advanced Add-Ons Included

included in every plan

Your new Shopify store will rock all these killer features and power tools that turn browsers into buyers, with a seamless design and functionality.

confused? Let's help!

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get about our offers, to make it easier for you to understand what you’re buying.

What are "E-Comm Design Formulas" and how are they different?

The “E-Commerce Design Formulas” is unique concept, created by us. After years of experience in building online stores, we noticed that specific niches have a clear winner in terms of sections order, logic and wireframe.

Formulas are different to what you would call templates because each page will benefit from a results-proven wireframe design, whilst templates are rather focused on generic structures, lacking optimisation in terms of conversion rate and user experience.

It’s like having the opportunity to build your website based on the research from a large number of projects, all of which paid eye-watering amounts of money on A/B testing and ads to finally get to a conclusion you can get for free.

Formulas also allow us to engage in a very fast-paced design process, since we know exactly what needs to be done, without having to go through a creative process for each page we build on your store.

As you noticed, we use plural, because there are multiple formulas to choose from, depending on the specific details of your store type and niche. Mainly, we will guide you into choosing one of our three main formulas:

1. Commerce focused, the most popular choice for large catalog type store, with lots of products and a vast menu or collections structure. This formula will focus on lots of upselling and cross-selling section throughout the store, in order to showcase the diversity of the catalog.

2. Brand focused, which is the best choice for stores that have a great story to tell. Be it the selection of the products, the internal manufacturing process or simply the mission behind the brand and it’s founders, this formula is excellent for storytelling-focused brands that know they are on a mission of changing an industry.

3. Product Features Focused, excelent for those stores that have a very special selection of products, which can easily be considered “game-changers” in their niche, and also have very strong unique selling propositions and differentiators, which will be highlighted in very visually-pleasing way in their respective product pages.

Don’t worry if you’re not exactly sure where your brand fits. It’s part of our discovery phase to get to know you and your brand, so we can recommend the best formula and theme for you. The kind of content you already or are willing to produce play a huge part of the final choice. The best results actually come when we are entrusted to completely make those decisions ourselves, while the customer keeps an open mind to our suggestions of creating new content, especially when it comes to lifestyle photos or videos.

What are dynamic sources and why is there a limit to their number?

Dynamic sources are Shopify-specific elements that allow us to build dynamic sections throughout the website. Picture this: on each product page, say, you want a section right beneath the product that highlights three special features of that product. Each feature is presented with a cover image, a headline, and a short text that explains the feature.

Now, as you probably know, these types of sections are normally static, meaning they usually show the same information and images no matter which product you visit. This is exactly where dynamic sources come in.

Through the use of dynamic sources, we can modify static sections to change their content based on what page, product, or collection the user is visiting. This opens up a world of design possibilities. We can now showcase product features, other related and complementary products or collections, background videos, dynamic shipping information, dynamic size guides, and so on. The sky is the limit!

What makes dynamic sources such a special thing to have on your store is the fact that, by using them, the contents of various pages will ”change” based on what the user is visiting. Put that together with some manual work of associating the right complementary products and visual information, and you can transform each product page in a very powerful landing page, that goes way beyond a standard product page design, thereby automatically increasing its conversion rate and user experience factor. How cool is that?

The reason we put a limit on the number of dynamic sources we use, depending on the offer you choose, is that most dynamic sources require a large amount of work, especially on your side. For instance, we can create a dynamic section that shows a different estimated shipping date for each product, but then you would have to go in on every product and actually input the right value, which takes up a lot of time.

Although we can sometimes automate the right inputs of certain dynamic sources, we tried to keep it reasonably easy to manage depending on the offer you end up choosing.

Why is there a products and collections number limit?

We know it seems weird, but the number of products and by extension the number of collections actually dictate A LOT of our decision-making when it comes to the actual design and user experience. Here are just 3 examples:

1. A large number of products means a large number of filters and a large amount of time needed to plan and implement those filters.
2. A large number of collections means a menu that can support showcasing so many items, and usually three layers of subcategories.
3. A large number of products means taking a lot of time to actually help you with organizing them into intuitive collections and an intuitive menu structure, for the final user.

The list can go on! We think that the limits we chose for our offers are more than fair, since we have a lot of previous stores to learn from.

Our offers are designed to be perfect for specific types of stores, not for any kind of store, and that should help you understand why we chose to input certain limits.

Why is the products listing service not included as standard?

This is the question we get asked most often. Simply put, store designing and product listing or feed migration are two different beasts. We know that most agencies usually include these services in their offers, but we do not agree with that approach.

As you already saw, we tried to include everything we think is essentially needed in the standard offers, but also offer add-ons for other services, in case you need them. This is what we think to be a better way of offering these types of services. There are instances where you, as a customer, might want to list the products yourself.

In other cases, some customers are very feed-savvy and they do their own feed migration or feed importing process. Now if this was you, why would you have to pay for that in an offer that “includes” those services as default?

Even more, our add-ons for product listing or feed mapping and import are very reasonably priced, so even adding up our standard offers together with the added services of listing/migrating products, you would still get a very good offer, considering the market cap and the quality you are getting.

As a bonus, we always include the process of “learning” your feed as standard, at no extra charge, and then give a tailored guideline on how to best list your products on your own, with Shopify’s best practices in mind.

As mentioned, you don’t have to worry if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, just check out the “Advanced Add-Ons” section and you will see there are options for you to choose that will enable us to bring in the products in your new store.

Do you offer maintenance services once the new website is finished?

Absolutely, and we would love to have you. If everything goes well in our collaboration (as it usually goes), we will most likely want to keep working on your project, as this would also enable us to ”protect” our portfolio and have a long-term, successful, ongoing collaboration with you.

Whenever we run maintenance services, we will be the ones who make sure that everything is always up to date, in both terms of regular updates but also continuous store development, from our own initiative.

You can find details about our maintenance offers at the end of this page, and also keep in mind that these kinds of offers are usually tailor-made to best fit your needs.

I need more than what you offer. Can I ask for a custom offer just for me?

In short, yes! But we think our offers are carefully crafted to suit all needs, so there is a big chance the right offer is already available for you. Also, there are some store types that we don’t want to work on.

In case you think that our standard offers are not suited to your needs, please use any of the available ways from our website to contact us, and we’d love to hear about your projects.

Any challenge is always welcomed at Coffeehouse!

want even more?

Pick and choose from the available add-ons and take your new store even further. Each add-on will add a few extra days to our deadline, but the wait will be worth it.


Up to you, really! If you’re already vibin’ with our website, we must be doing something right. We believe that the way you do one thing is the way you do all things. And that says it all!

Meet the rockstars

Each member has a clear expertise and skillset, and by working together on every project we can guarantee the promise of unrivaled speeds in delivering fast, premium quality Shopify stores that never fail to amaze.


Have a look at some of our rockstar clients and the work we have performed for them. Make sure to visit and bookmark each website, we know you’ll love’em.


Our process is bullet-proof, service quality is a given. We already know you like us, so let’s get to the final, funny bit: what’s the payment structure? We think you’ll really like this part (not).


First of all, let’s meet! We choose our clients carefully, both as a person and as a brand. You’re probably not sure about trusting us yet, and that needs to be fixed! Anything regarding this flirting stage is on the house! Just don’t waste our time!


Includes all the research and planning tasks, with a dynamic visual website mock-up, so that you can "taste" your new store and understand what it will look, feel and work like in the end. And yeah, we do mean non-refundable!


Once you agree with our plan and fully understand where everything is headed, you should have no issues with our upfront payment system for the remaining figure, provided we offer you strong terms of guarantee for our work.


Go ahead and have a look at the rest of our available services and maybe we can discuss new ways of continuing our partnership and achieve success together.

are you ready?

That about wraps it up! At this point, you should have a clear feeling about whether we are the right agency for you or not. If it’s a match, go ahead and choose the right offer for you, put in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time, to get things started. Cheers!

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